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Course work

Semester I

LSM 2211

LSM2211 Metabolism and Regulation

Prerequisite: LSM1106

Overview of the biosynthesis and catabolism of carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids in the context of human health and disease. Emphasis on the integration and regulation of metabolic pathways in different tissues and organs. Principles of bioenergetics and mitochondrial energy metabolism, free radicals, enzyme deficiencies in metabolic disorders will also be covered.

LSM 3246

LSM3246 Synthetic Biology

Prerequisite: LSM1102 or LSM1106 relevant to life sciences or biomedical sciences

The ability to rationally engineer living cells has been a long-anticipated goal dating back for more than half a century. With the advent of DNA synthesis and genome engineering tools, biological systems can now be systematically designed for a myriad of industrial applications including disease prevention, biochemicals production, and drug development. This module aims to provide basic principles to the engineering of biology with emphasis on the design and construction of synthetic gene circuits in living cells. The module also discusses current and emerging applications driven by synthetic biology and the socio-ethical responsibilities that are required of synthetic biologists.

Semester II

MD 1140

MD1140 Medical Phase 1

Prerequisite: Nil

The track extends over the two semesters of the first year. It aims to introduce students to the basics needed to appreciate current thinking on the biochemical and molecular bases of human disease, as well as the biochemical basis of clinical investigations. Independent learning as a supplement to lectures is actively encouraged. Major topics include the structure and function of cells and tissues, energy production and utilization, detoxification, cell and molecular biology, biochemical genetics, and molecular medicine. These aspects are integrated with the teaching in the other two tracks.

LSM 3247

LSM3247 Practical Synthetic Biology

LSM 3247

Prerequisite: LSM1102 or LSM1106 relevant to life sciences or biomedical sciences

Synthetic biology is the science of engineering biology and is very much an experimental science. Building on the basic principles of synthetic biology introduced in the theoretical module LSM3246, this module aims to emphasize the experimental techniques required for (i) the design, construction, and regulation of synthetic metabolic pathways (ii) the production of value-added biochemical, and (iii) the sensing of substrates and metabolites in living cells. The module also introduces advanced experimental protocols including CRISPR-Cas genome editing tools that are revolutionizing fields in life and biomedical sciences.